Medical / Nursing Care

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Medical / Nursing Care

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Pre-Filled Syringe

Single Chamber Syringe
This product is a glass syringe type medicine container.The syringe is pre-filled with medication enabling quick response and use in emergencies. It not only reduces risk of bacterial contamination, introduction of foreign matter, and dosage mistakes but also cuts down on handling and preparation time.

Double Chamber Syringe
This product is a glass syringe type medicine container.This is a double chamber type pre-filled syringe which can fill the same syringe with powdered medicine and dissolving solution and dissolve it just before administration.

Moist Catch

MoistCatch™(Kyodo Printing) is a high performance material developed through technology that integrates moisture absorbing and adsorbing ingredients at a high concentration. Processing according to the specific application is possible, such as with film and molded products, and additional processing like lamination, adhesive material coating, and heat sealing, etc., is available as well.