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Sansho Shoji is the import and export of professional agents, has the world's more than 5,000 electronic goods trafficking pathway. Has more than 18 locations around the world, there is a good interaction between the various positions and with outstanding professionals, dedicated service attitude, With high efficiency, speed and business management, we can address the needs of different customers and allow customers to make the most satisfied with the professional services.


 It is generally called ABS cable. The feature of the Wheel Speed ​​Sensor is its polyurethane cover which is excellent in abrasion resistance, heat resistance and flexion. For each user , conductor size, cable outer diameter, thermoforming material etc, and it could be customized.

 USB is the new generation cable. The biggist transferring 10Gbps and Power Derivery may become 100W. By having using coaxial for high speed wiring, it could be a very flexible cable. From now on, it might be widely used in Laptop、Tablet、Smartphone and peripheral equipments.

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