Functional materials


Sansho Shoji is the import and export of professional agents, has the world's more than 5,000 electronic goods trafficking pathway. Has more than 18 locations around the world, there is a good interaction between the various positions and with outstanding professionals, dedicated service attitude, With high efficiency, speed and business management, we can address the needs of different customers and allow customers to make the most satisfied with the professional services.

The HumiJudge® (Kyodo Printing) humidity indicator doesn't use any cobalt compounds, so it isn't harmful to either the human body or the environment. The color change (blue to pink), that is equivalent to conventional products, has been achieved through Kyodo Printing's originally developed "rewrite technology".

ReeCos Technology Co., Ltd. provides the supreme quality products to worldwide market. Perfluoro elastomers is one of their major products. In responding to the rapid change of market demands Except for providing standard fluoro-elastomer Fluonax™ (FKM) and perfluoro-elastomers Fluomax™(FFKM) O-rings. ReeCos provide customized service as well. Such as FKM & FFKM washer, packing, seals, diaphragm valve membranes, expansion seals and metal joint. We also welcome FKM & FFKM compounds inquiries and ODM cooperation.

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